Heads up! The fitness pro who can deliver amazing results for the average Joe or Jane gets the keys to the kingdom. Stick out your hand, because those keys are about to become yours with this ultimate small-group training guide and done-for-you workouts!

If your training business could use a little revenue boost, then I have some marvelous, unexpected news for you… You’re about to discover how to make more money while lightening the load of your fitness business. Sound a little far-fetched? It’s not. Just hear me out for a moment and you’ll see how it’s possible and doable and very profitable… So let me start with a question… What is your most valuable asset? 

If you guessed your time, then you’re absolutely correct. It’s a precious resource because it’s so very limited. You only have 24 hours in a day to accomplish everything you want in your business and your life.  

So, how do you make the most of your limited amount of time?  

The answer: you need to start training small groups (or if you’re already doing this, you need to start doing it more often).  

The reason is simple…

You get more money per hour for a small group versus for an individual session. And yet you can also pass on a discount rate to your group members, which makes it very attractive to clients. It’s a win-win proposition. But there’s one big downfall… 

Namely, you’re juggling the needs and abilities of different people in one session. And that can get a little tricky to get great results for everyone. Sure, your goal is to form groups of people whose abilities and goals are as similar as possible. But no small group is going to be perfectly matched in that regard. Someone is always going to be stronger, faster, have better endurance, have a better range of motion, have a faster metabolism… well, you get the point. So yeah, programming for a small group can get a little tricky. And worse yet, a lot of trainers are out there just winging it and serving up bullshit workouts to their clients. That’s a problem. Delivering good results for clients is the key to a profitable business, and the key to delivering good results is good programming. Now here’s something to consider…  

Is your average client thinking about fitness all day long like you? Hell no… 

Your average client thinks about their fitness for that one hour we have them in the gym two or three times per week. And often that’s the only time their bodies are moving in their otherwise sedentary life. That’s it. So you know what? 

You Better Damn Well Make The Most Of Those Three Hours Per Week… Because Your Clients Are Counting On You to Give Them Amazing Results!

Now here’s where a lot of fit pros make a mistake… They figure anything is better than nothing. Their goal is to just get their clients moving. So, every night they sketch out the workouts that their fitness groups will be doing the next day.  

But that’s not programming.  

That’s winging it. And chances are, those workouts are like the “junk food” of the exercise world. They’re fun, but they’re pretty empty when it comes to any real value.  

I get it. When you’re dealing with someone who hasn’t exercised in years, then sure… you’re going to see some results no matter what you do. You could have them juggle soup cans while hopping on one foot and you’d probably get some good results. For a while.

(Hey, don’t laugh – I’ve seen random workouts that look more like circus acts than serious, results-driven exercise.)

So yes, any movement will create results at first. But…

Your clients are going to hit a plateau if your training consist of running them ragged or dazzling them with a bullshit workout…

Let’s level with each other here… Programming means you need to create a program. You need to consider your clients’ goals and create workouts that are designed to help them achieve their goals. Now here’s another bit of reality… Not every fitness pro is good at programming. In fact, I’d wager most pros aren’t. Maybe you’re not either. And that’s okay. Now don’t get me wrong… 

You’re an absolute rock star when it comes to training your clients… 

They love you. You’re good at motivating them. They love coming to your classes and training sessions. But maybe the whole egghead programming thing isn’t really your jam. You don’t like it. You don’t have time for it. Maybe you’re not even sure of the right way to do it. And that’s okay. Because the key to success is focusing on the things you’re really good at, and letting someone else deal with the humdrum details. 

And that, my friend, is where I come in to make your life a whole lot easier… 

You see, I’m a programming super star. I absolutely love this stuff. I’m good at it. And I’m going to do your small-group programming (that’s my jam) so that you can focus on what you’re really good at: training clients.  

Now imagine what happens when we team up like this… Your Clients Will Love You, They’ll Think You’re Awesome, AND They’ll Be Getting The Best Results of Their Lives! 

Meanwhile, you’ll be saving time and growing your business like crazy! Now let me back up a second and introduce the powerhouse team behind this program… The primary program guide author – that’s me, Sarah Rippel (BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1) -- has been a fitness professional working with clients since 1995. I’m the owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, training facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I work with people of all ages and abilities, but I’ve become known as an expert when it comes to small group training. I’m continuing to evolve my approach in working with small groups as well as individuals, and this manual is my latest master trainer program based on my proprietary training system that’s taken me years of research and experimentation to perfect. My fantastic co-author and the publisher of this book, Georgette Pann, is also well-known and well-accomplished in the fitness world. She has over 25 years of experience training clients, running boot camps, and teaching other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too.  

Together, this powerhouse team brings over 40 years of fitness training experience to the table – and now you too can take advantage of our proven programming expertise to start getting great results for YOUR clients! And here’s what we have for you today…  

Introducing The Ultimate Group Training Manual and Done-For-You Workouts!  

This is your scientifically backed guide to getting great results for your small-group training clients!  


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So, here’s the deal…  

If you want to do a great job of programming for your small-group clients, then you need to totally geek out the science side of fitness and do a ton of experimentation to refine your program. This could take YEARS to get it right. (I know this because it took me years to develop my proprietary system.)  

Most trainers don’t have time for that. I’m betting you don’t either. And your clients want results. They don’t want to be treated like guinea pigs while you work out your methods.  

And that’s why you’re going to love, love, love this manual. It’s going to become your roadmap to small-group training success!  

If you’re training small groups (or want to) – especially average Joes and Janes – then this manual, the done-for-you workouts, and everything else included in this package are going to become your new best friends.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside: 

Let’s take a closer look at what all you get in the package… 

The Ultimate Group Training Manual 

This manual is an in-depth guide for training your small-group clients. We’ll cover all the factors, steps and tips you need to know to start creating your own highly effective workouts for your clients.  

Three questions arose when I first sat down to work on this book:  

If I had to start from scratch with zero knowledge of how to train people, what would I want to know?  

If I had to go from training individuals to working with groups, what would I want to know? How could I take the guesswork out of designing programming?  

This manual will answer those three questions for you, plus give you a virtually endless stream of programming options for your small groups!  

There are infinite ways in which you can take the information provided and apply it to suit the needs of your clients. If you have never systematized your programming, this book will give you direction on how to make that happen. 

In addition, you’ll understand why you should utilize certain loading schemes and techniques. That’s because the “why” is just as important as the “how.” If you don’t know why you’re doing something, than your training becomes a collection of exercises, percentages, and workouts neatly packaged together with no defined purpose. End result: this book will help you take your programming from so-so to “whoa!” If you are already running a systematized program but are looking for more insight into stepping up your game, this book is for you too! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn: 

  • The five essential factors to consider when planning programming for small group training (don’t write down even one exercise until you review these factors).  
  • How to do your initial assessment and evaluation – this is especially important for our average Joe and Jane clients so they don’t get hurt and so you can deliver awesome results!  
  • How to modify most exercises to suit the individual needs of your clients.  
  • The best ways to manipulate load and intensity so your clients make consistent improvements.
  • The four key components of a well-rounded session, and how to piece them together in the most effective way. 

Plus you’ll get plenty of examples, illustrations, and analogies that make this manual engaging, easy to understand, and a joy to read! Order now and you also get… 

A Set of Four Done-For-You Program Templates 

I’ve done all the work so you can take all the credit! You’ll get an overview of these templates, plus a set of Excel files that you can tweak and print off. 

Here’s what you get:  

Program 1: 3 days per week (easily modified to four days per week), 16-week program. I designed this program for groups that meet three days per week, hitting a main strength lift every training day (squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press).  

Program 2: 3 days per week (easily modified to four days per week), 12-week program. This program uses a basic linear progression scheme for the strength work.There is an emphasis on loading by feel, therefore percentages of one-rep max are not used. In addition, movements are progressed through subtle variances in loading such as tempo and load position. Conditioning work is predominantly of the “rounds for time” format with an emphasis on sustainable, quality movement.

Program 3: 4 days per week, 12 week program, 16-week program. This template is patterned after the Conjugate Method and is designed it to be used with groups that train four days a week. This program is best suited for intermediate to advanced clients. It does not attempt to follow to a “t” the exact format put forth by Westside Barbell, as I did not feel that would be suitable for the goals of most people taking part in a small group training program. It does, however, utilize the principles and capitalize on the use of variations of the “big three” lifts (squat, bench, deadlift).  

Program 4: 3 days per week (easily modified to four days per week). In this program, conditioning comes first. Wave loading is used for the main strength lifts, and strength work is partnered with 2-3 other exercises in circuit format. Additional strength/metabolic work closes out the workout.  

And that’s not all! This package also includes… 

A Set of 14 Teaching Videos to Complement the Done for You Programs 

If you’re the type of person who likes to see a video to help reinforce the important points each of the four done-for-you programs, then you’re going to love these 14 teaching videos.  

These videos are great for reinforcing and learning the program strategies and complementing each program!  

And that’s not all…  

Order Right Now And You’re Also Guaranteed Access to These Valuable Bonuses for FREE…  

Bonus #1: One Year Done-For-You Group Training Programs

That’s right, you get a full year’s worth of done-for-you programming. In fact, you’ll get the exact program I used for my Rippel Effect fitness clients. You’ll see why I chose the exercises I did, what worked, what tanked, and how I fixed the program on-the-go to improve it.

This is a huge time saver for you since you can literally put it to work starting today! Plus it will help you become better at programming in the future! 

Bonus #2: Access to Our Private Facebook Group

You have questions? 

We have answers!

When you order the Ultimate Group Training Guide now, you’ll get instant access to our private group on Facebook. 

You can ask questions, get additional ideas for workouts, and rub shoulders with some of the top trainers around the world!  

Bonus #3: A Comprehensive Exercise Library 

Not familiar with every exercise mentioned in the guide? Need a refresher on how to perform certain exercises? No problem – all you have to do is reference this extensive exercise library, which gives you video links to exercise demos. 

Keep this library on your phone and you can take it to the gym or anywhere else you need it! 

As you can see, this manual and all the supplements are going to give you everything you need to start getting better results for your small groups. Question is… 

How Much Is This Ultimate Group Training System? 

This is really a very easy decision for you once you see the value…  

So, let me ask you a question: what is one really good fitness client worth to you?  

Because here’s the thing…  

Once you start delivering amazing results for your small-group clients, they’re going to be eagerly coming back to you for more.  

A client that may have dropped out before is now going to become a rabidly loyal repeat buyer who re-ups with you again and again. They’re going to join more of your small groups. They’re going to look at your other classes. And they’re probably going to start doing one-on-one training with you too.  

How many tens of thousands of dollars is that client worth to you over the years?  

A lot. Which is why this package is also worth a lot to you. This package is going to help you retain your clients, it’s going to save you a ton of time when it comes to programming, and it’s going to get satisfied clients referring their friends.  

And you get all these benefits and everything you see on this page for a one-time investment of just $197. UPDATE: Get the special launch price of just $77 if you order now!

If this package helps you retain just ONE client, you’ll recoup your investment the minute your client signs up for another month or two of training. And everything they buy from you after that is pure profit in your pocket. But it gets even better… Multiply that by the dozens of clients who may have walked away before, but are now going to stick with you because they love how you’re transforming their bodies and their lives. Ask yourself: 

How many tens of thousands of dollars is that sort of loyalty worth to your business? 

I’m betting you’ve mentally calculated a healthy six-figure sum…  

Now you can see that $197 $77 is an absolute bargain for this package. And that’s why you’re going to want to take out your credit card and order right now – because the sooner you do, the sooner you can start offering programming that will give your clients the best bodies of their lives!  

UPDATE: Get the special launch price of just $77 Hurry and order before the price of this package jumps to its full price of $197!

Here’s to your success! Sarah Rippel BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1 owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, and Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp

P.S. Get great results for your clients, get their respect, and get their lifetime loyalty. You can do all of this and more once you know the small-group programming secrets included in this package, so order now! 

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