Attention Fitness Professionals:  

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Read on to find out what's missing from your workouts...

Dear Fitness Professional, Blair Warren said:  

"People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, never prove them wrong, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies." 

Think about that quote for a moment… If you can create that sort of attitude in your fitness clients, then you’ll have a roster of loyal, satisfied clients who’ll refer their friends, eagerly show up to every session, and press money into your hand every time you give them the chance! But how? How do you do this? What you need to do is create a supportive environment that:  

  • Allows people to belong to something bigger than themselves. 
  • Gives your clients something to believe in, and allows them to connect with a philosophy. 
  • Creates an environment for their growth so they feel supported. 
  • Gives them social significance and makes them feel special. 
  • Offers them a unique experience, which they look forward to every week. 
  • Provides them with a feeling of prestige, makes them feel like they belong, and makes them feel like they are part of your tribe. 

And that means you need to create an environment that is FUN. Merriam Webster defines fun as “something that is amusing or enjoyable.” And you know what? 

Fun is the lost ingredient in fitness…  

Simply put: if your clients aren’t having fun, then you’re going to struggle with low retention rates, poor client satisfaction, and a stagnant business with dismal earnings and zero growth. 

Because here’s the thing…  

People who are having fun look forward to coming to your classes, boot camps and other sessions. They feel energized. They work hard (which means they get great results).  

You know why? Because fun lasts long after motivation and “grit your teeth” willpower have died.  

There is an emotional element to having fun while exercising, especially in group training. That’s because humans are social animals. We seek out companionship and fun every chance we get. We crave it. And when you work these components into your classes and camps, they work like magic to bring your clients back again and again!  

Fun doesn’t fade. If you can inject fun into every fitness class, camp or session, then...

You’ll easily create happy clients who work hard, get great results, and keep coming back to you for more!

But here's the catch...

Just because a workout is fun doesn’t mean that it’s a good workout.  

You see, even your fun workouts need to have a purpose. They need to move clients towards their goals. Because if you’re not producing results for your clients (even if they clients are having fun), they’re going to drop you like a hot potato. And that’s where we (Fred Zoller and Georgette Pann) come in with 99 done-for-you FUN workouts that generate excitement and help your clients lean out, build strength and feel GREAT!  

“Introducing Innovative Group Training Workouts- 99 Themed, Partner & Challenge Workouts to Make Your Group Training Explode!”

Now before your find out what all is in this exciting package of workouts, let me back up and introduce Fred and Georgette.  

Fred Zoller holds a B.S. in Kinesiology emphasizing human movement. He has attained numerous training certifications including NASM, ISSA and Cooper Institute. He began with private personal training in 1996, and by 2005 he was using his background as a natural bodybuilder to teach nutritional seminars. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from general population clientele to several top-level athletes, State Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports.  

A sought-after expert, Fred is invited to speak to a number of organizations each year on topics such as fitness, nutrition and motivation. He has spent much of his time developing his new training facility, LEAN Performance Academy (in Slidell, Louisiana), and he’s been busy developing his own training philosophy which has been successful for years.

The other heavy hitter behind this program is Georgette Pann, who is well-known and well-accomplished in the fitness world. Her credentials include a BS in Health/Physical Ed., Physical Therapist Assistant, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Bootcamp Training Expert. 

Georgette is the owner of Nutrifitness Bootcamp/ Personal Training Studio. She has 25+ years’ experience in the health and fitness field with expertise in fitness boot camps, women's fitness, weight loss/nutrition, bodybuilding and post rehab. She is the author of numerous bestselling programs, where she teaches other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too. 

Together, Fred and Georgette Bring Over 40 Years of Fitness-Training and Programming Experience to the Table – And Now You Too Can Take Advantage of Their Expertise with This Fun and Effective Done-For-You Program! 

You’re going to love these fun and innovative workouts, and so will your clients… GUARANTEED! 

Here’s a big reason why… 

It’s important to build relationships inside of the gym walls. Building rapport, generating trust, and delivering results is one key to getting clients coming back for more. Relationships strengthen the community… and a strong community becomes “tribal.” 

Simply put, better relationships with you and the facility directly translates to happier, more bonded clients with longer average client lifetimes. 

And that’s exactly what these 99 done-for-you workouts will help you do. So, let’s take a look at what you get when you order right now…  

The Innovative Group Training Workouts Manual  

Inside this manual you’ll get 99 workouts that are designed to break the monotony of regular exercise. These workouts put the FUN back in fitness, so your clients work hard, show up for every session, and get great results! These workouts are broken into three categories. You get: 

- 33 Theme Workouts - 

These fun workouts call attention to important events such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, as well as convey messages such as “superhero workouts.” This is a great way to make your clients feel special! These 33 workouts include: 

- 33 Partner Workouts -

These workouts encourage the buddy system, which builds camaraderie in your gym, creates accountability, and increases results. These 33 workouts include:  

  • Summer Time Shedder (Summer Theme)) 
  • The Road-trip Workout: (On the Go Theme) 
  • Bunz in the Oven (Holiday Theme) 
  • CHESTmas (Holiday Theme) 
  • Suns Out-Buns Out: (Summer Theme) 
  • Lions, Tigers, & BEARS, oh my: (Movie Theme) 
  • Can’t Buy this “6-pack”: (Food/Drink Theme) 
  • Feet, Foot, & Inches: (Math Theme) 
  • The Tank-Top Workout: (Summer Theme) 
  • Hit the Slopes: (Vacation Theme) 
  • E.X. Phone Home: (Movie Theme) 
  • Squaticus Maximus: (Greek Theme) 
  • The Rock Climber: (Fitness Theme) 
  • HAMMER-ons: (Guitar Theme) 
  • Dirty Floor, Clean It Up! (Cleaning Theme) 
  • JACKED-O’ Lantern: (Halloween Theme) 
  • Burnt’ Turkey: (Holiday Theme) 
  • Rounds & Rounds, here we go again: (Song Theme) 
  • On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, & Vixen (Holiday Theme) 

… Plus 13 other themed workouts to inject some fun into your classes, camps and sessions! Wondering what these workouts look like? Here’s a sneak peek at a holiday favorite: 

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, & Vixen: -Sled Push x20yd -KB Swing x10 -Sled Pull x20yd -KB OH Push Press x10 -Sled Push x20yd -KB DLHP x10 -Sled Pull x20yd  

x4-6 Rounds  

And that’s not all. Order now and you also get… 

  • Double Trouble 
  • Friendly Fire: 
  • Keeping up with the Partners 
  • Tag, You’re It! 
  • Banded Together 
  • Twinning 
  • Thunder Buddies 
  • IN-Sync 
  • #Friend-zoned 
  • Opposites Attract 
  • Friendships are built on Tabata 
  • Rounds of Attraction 
  • Boomerang 
  • Friends-GIVING 
  • WEIGHT your turn 
  • Shots, Shots, Shots…. of Protein! 
  • PUSH each other to the limit 
  • Double Dutch 
  • I got your BACK  

… Plus 13 other partner workouts to build excitement, community, and camaraderie! Wondering what these workouts look like? Here’s a sneak peek at a gym favorite:  

Partner in Crime: -Prisoner Squat x10 -Pushup x10 -Prisoner Squat x10 -Pull Up OR Inverted Row x10 -Prisoner Squat x10 -Military Crunch x10 x10 Rounds -Reps are done together and counted out loud! 

- 33 Challenge Workouts - 

These workouts help with progress, takes the emphasis off the scale, creates benchmarks, and builds a lot of excitement! These 33 workouts include: 

  • 1 slam, 2 slam, 3 slam, more?! 
  • The Grocery Carry 
  • The Walk of Shame 
  • Rise Up from the DEAD! 
  • Swing for the Fences 
  • Gator Pit!  
  • Are you Suicidal? 
  • BURnt’or CRUNCHy? 
  • Row with the Flow
  • Rain Drop…Drop Top...SQUAT til’ you drop
  • Curls for the Girls
  • Up, Up, and away
  • Empty the Tank 
  • Hang in There 
  • It’s Complex 
  • The Complexity is Even Greater 
  • The Floor is Lava… so you have to HANG! 

… Plus 13 other challenge workouts to get your camps and classes fired up, excited, and having some fun! Wondering what these workouts look like? Here’s a sneak peek at one of the 33 challenges: Rope-A-dope: -How fast can you do: -100 Rope Slams (hands must come to head and slam to hips) -100 Rope Jacks (hands must come to shoulder height and down to hips) -100 Rope Waves (hands must go to chest then to hips) -Go from one exercise to the next! Get your time!  

Here are the benefits of incorporating these fun workouts and challenges into your existing programming: 

  • Generate excitement so that clients look forward to their classes and camps with you! 
  • Build friendships, camaraderie, and community in your gym, which boosts client loyalty! 
  • Inject the FUN back into your classes and camps, so clients work hard and get great results! 
  • Create satisfied, happy clients who become lifelong clients who refer their friends! 
  • Help you fill up and sell out all your classes and camps! 

In short, adding these workouts to your existing programming is an easy way to grow your business! And that’s not all...  

Order now and you also get this awesome FREE Bonus: The Fitness Ambassador Blueprint! - Worth $77.

Do you know what?

It’s scary for people to join a gym for the first time. They feel unsure. Full of doubts. Self-conscious. And if they keep feeling this way, they’re going to drop out!  

That’s where the Fitness Ambassador program comes in. This is a mentorship program made up of your best clients who are willing to take new members under their wing. Your mentors will help with the transition from becoming a new member to being indoctrinated as an accepted member of your tribe!  

This is a great way to build community, provide additional support and accountability, and create happy clients who stick around for the long term! 

Forget about the traditional onboarding email sequences and boring videos. Instead, start an ambassadorship program where mentors and new clients alike feel valued, special and bonded to the tribe! This directly translates to:

- Higher retention rates. - Longer average client lifetime. - Increased referrals.  

In addition to business growth, you’ll even get assistance at facility events, classes and camps! Plus, ambassadors can even help you spread your social media presence and promote your offers!  

Here’s what’s included in the Fitness Ambassador package:  

1. Fitness Ambassador Program Manual

This short document explains how the program works, why it works, and how to recognize potential fitness ambassadors in your gym!  

2. Fitness Ambassador Training Manual  

You can use this document as a template for creating a training manual for your fitness ambassadors. This manual guides ambassadors on your training philosophy, as well as what you expect your ambassadors to do to best represent your gym, make newcomers feel welcome, and to help you attract new clients.  

Offer this manual alongside an in-person training session, and your ambassadors will be ready to help you grow your gym’s reputation… and its bottom line!  

3. Fitness Ambassador Application and Agreement  

Simply tweak this application to fit your needs, and you’ll be ready to start screening potential ambassadors!  

4. Marketing Emails  

In this pack you get two emails that you can tweak and start using immediately:  

Email 1: Invitation. Send this email out to prospective ambassadors to tell them about your ambassadorship program, and invite them to apply.  

Email 2: This is a follow-up email you send to those who’ve expressed interest in your ambassadorship program.  

5. Fitness Ambassador Logo Sample  

This is the logo we use for our ambassadorship program. You can tweak it and use it to suit your needs!  

6. Fitness Ambassador T-shirt Sample  

Want to make your ambassadors feel special, plus give them immediate recognition in the gym? One great way to do that is by offering them t-shirts. Here you’ll get a graphical sample of what our t-shirts look like, so you can design your own!

In short…

This is a done-for-you collection of group-training workouts and a fitness ambassador blueprint to build camaraderie, boost client satisfaction and retention, get better results and put the FUN back into training! 

So listen… You’re still reading this, and that tells me that you’re smart because you’re liking what you see on this page. You know this program is going to save you time, attract new clients, and put extra revenue in your pocket from all your satisfied clients. So if you’re like most people, right about now you’re probably thinking something along these lines… 

“Fred and Georgette, This Sounds AWESOME! It’s Just What I Need to Grow My Fitness Business, Deliver Desirable Results to My Clients, and Create a Great Reputation in The Fitness Community!”  

But How Much Is It? 

Here’s the part where we put a big smile on your face. Because when you order now, you get everything you see on this page for just $49 … Think about it for a moment… That’s about 49 cents per workout, which is an absolute steal. When you consider how much time you’ll save using these done-for-you workouts – and how thrilled your clients are going to be every time you pull out one of these workouts during a group session – then I think you’ll agree this is an astonishingly great price! Plus, you’re also getting the Fitness Ambassador bonus package, which includes a training manual, programming manual, marketing pack and more to further boost client satisfaction and retention! If you created these materials yourself, it would take hours. If you hired someone else to do it, they’d charge you a ton of money. But order now, and you’ll get all these proven materials as part of this package! Simply put, you won’t find a better, faster or more affordable way to get your hands on an entire collection of done-for-you workouts that are sure to boost your retention rates and help you grow your business. We’ve done all the work so you can make all the money! 


Order now and you’ll get the special introductory rate of just $29.99 for everything you see on this page! (that's less than 30 cents a workout)  

You get a great deal even when you pay full price. But why pay more when you don’t have to? So take out your credit card and click the order button below now to get started… 

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P.S. We are so sure that you’ll love the Innovative Group Training Workouts and Fitness Ambassador bonus package! Your clients are going to like these workouts and LOVE their results. You’re going to love how we’ve planned all the workouts for you to increase customer satisfaction and retention. So order right now… and hurry while the introductory special rate of $29.99 is still available! Click below to get started now…  

Here’s to your success!

Fred Zoller, LEAN Performance Academy  


Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp.  

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Here’s to your success!

Fred Zoller, LEAN Performance Academy  


Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp.