We’ve done all the work so you can take all the credit! You’re going to love this program – and your clients are going to love you! Read on to find out how science and years of upgrades created the perfect system… 

There are a lot of fitness professionals who are in serious trouble… On one side, we have the “go as hard as you can” mentality, which is completely toxic.  

Sure, our clients need to put in the work to get good results. They can’t lollygag during training. But we shouldn’t be running clients ragged either, because that’s completely counter-productive.

You know it and I know it. If you just run clients into the ground every session, they’re not going show much progress. Four, six, even eight weeks down the road and your clients will have nothing to show for all that “work.” 

And then we have the flip side… Here we’ve got fit pros hyper-focused on recovery measures and modalities. On the surface, I’m thinking… “Yes, that’s great!” Because recovery from hard work is very important. But then then take a second look at this concept… If you’re like me, then you’re training a lot of average Joes and Janes. The only time they’re up and moving is when they’re in the gym with us… for what, three or four hours per week? And if you’re working them SO HARD each session that you need to prescribe recovery measures just to offset the hard work… well, maybe that’s not the best way to do it. If you bring your clients to a constant state of fatigue, eventually no amount of recovery work is going to help. Your clients are going to be exhausted and over-trained. And the worst part? They won’t have any good results to show for it. (That’s a quick way to kill your business.) And this is exactly the reason I developed this brand-new program…  

Trying to program a multi-week boot camp or other group-training class can be an absolute nightmare. Maybe you’ve got a mixed group. You’ve got males and females of different ages… different starting points… different abilities… different body types… 

Introducing Build-N-Burn 2.0:

A 12-Week Conditioning Program That’s Based on Science, Tested With Real Clients, and Perfected in the Real World… End Result? We’ve Created the Optimal Balance of Intensity, Recovery and Progression to Deliver Eye-Popping Results for Your Group-Training Clients! 

What sets this program apart from almost everything you’ve seen is that I’m bringing balance to the table. My program ensures the proper level of intensity that naturally facilitates recovery. No more swinging from one extreme to the other! What you’ll get is a framework that allows you to layer progression seamlessly from one workout to the next and one week to the next. Your clients will get some quality sweat time. They’ll also learn and practice new variations while hammering the basics. And they’ll finally get the results they want (while you take all the credit). How do I know all of this works? Simple: because I’ve beta-tested these strategies with my own groups. This program went through several upgrades before it became the powerhouse conditioning and progression program that it is today! 

So let me back up a second and introduce the powerhouse team behind this program…  

The program guide author, Sarah Rippel (BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1), has been a fitness professional working with clients since 1995. She is the owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, training facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

She works with people of all ages and abilities but has become known as an expert when it comes to small group training. She continues to evolve her approach in working with small groups as well as individuals, and this manual is her master trainer program based on her proprietary training system.  

The publisher of this book, Georgette Pann, is also well-known and well-accomplished in the fitness world. She has over 25 years of experience training clients, running boot camps, and teaching other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too. 

Together, this powerhouse team brings over 40 years of fitness training experience to the table – and now you too can take advantage of their programming expertise to start getting great results for YOUR clients! 

So let’s a look at what you get when you order now… 

Order now, and you’ll get the Build N Burn 2.0 manual and programming guide, a complete 12-week program for small and semi-private groups, plus some pretty awesome bonuses. Here’s a sneak peek at the package… 

The All-New Build N Burn 2.0 Programming Guide Plus 12-Week Done-For-You Workouts! 

Tested, tweaked, and perfected, this guide and 12-week program gives you a “no guesswork required” way to train your clients. The emphasis is on conditioning and progressions across the board. 

Already own the original Build N Burn?

Awesome – because this manual complements the original one nicely. You can use one program after the other or use it as a standalone program to deliver great results!  

This is a complete 12-week metabolic strength training program that utilizes circuits to build strength and promote fat loss while helping people move better.  

You’ll get a program that incorporates more intelligent ways of creating progression than simply adding more weight to an exercise.

In addition, you will gain an understanding of both how and why the exercises are modified to make progression seamless and effective! 

Build N Burn 2.0 is designed as a three-day program, and it can be adapted for all workout levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced! 

Here’s what the program brings the table: 

  • Blends quality basic movement with “get your heart rate up” movements that deliver an effective (and fun!) workout for your beginners!  
  • Gives trainees an opportunity to OWN each movement as the program unfolds, which is the sure way to REAL gains!  
  • Gives fit pros a way to have more advanced trainees working out alongside beginners in a simple, yet very effective way!  
  • Outlines a “progression matrix” that enables you to jump ahead or go back a step as needed. This is available all in one place so you can access it and see the big picture of progression and how it unfolds!  
  • Gives fit pros a program you can use right out of the box… OR you can adjust it as needed. The manual reveals not only the “how” but the “reasons why” so your tweaks will be just as effective as the done-for-you program!  
  • Gives options so you can choose to do the specific exercises I recommend, or choose an alternative due to lack of equipment or even just your preferences!  
  • Includes dozens of photos so you can see the most effective way to perform these exercises!  
  • Includes warm-up circuits, conditioning exercises, and the optional strength-training exercises.  
  • Shows you how to modify the set up and loading position of virtually any exercise to create variety & progress your clients seamlessly from “easier” to “harder.”  
  • Teaches you new ways to manipulate sets and reps to create new opportunities for progress and keeps clients engaged!  

And more! You get everything you need to create intelligent programs and workouts. Plus you get the done-for-you workouts if you’d rather not do any of the programming yourself.  

Your clients will LOVE it – and so will you! GUARNATEED!!  

Order now and you also get these valuable bonuses… 

An Extensive Exercise Index

Need a crash course or a refresher in how to perform the exercises outlined in this 12-week program?

No problem! 

You’ll also get an extensive exercise index that includes descriptions and pictures for performing dozens of exercises from the manual! 

This is truly a no-guesses, done-for-you programming guide! 

Access to a Private Facebook Group 

Order Build N Burn now and you’ll get direct access to program author Sarah Rippel, Georgette Pann, plus other renowned fitness pros. You’ll get your questions answered, get exclusive new tips and strategies, and become a part of the net’s best group for fitness pros!  

Pretty exciting, right? 

You need this in your business. You wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t. But you have one more question… 

How Much Is The Build-N-Burn 2.0 Programming Guide and Done-For-You Workouts?

Imagine for a moment if you had to create this complete 12-week program yourself – how long would it take? Oh sure, we could speculate that it may take you a few hours to create. But here’s the kicker… Would your program WORK? You wouldn’t know until you field-tested it with real clients, and that would take a minimum of three months. And unless you got it right the very first time, you’re probably gonna be tweaking and testing it for years. Do you think your clients want to pay to be your guinea pigs? Of course not. And that’s why this done-for-you program is going to save you YEARS of testing, it’s going to boost your client retention, and it’s even going to let you boost your rates when clients see you delivering the results they want. Point is, I’ve done ALL the work, all the field-testing, and all the tweaking so you don’t have to. And that’ exactly what makes this programming guide and 12-weeks’ worth of tested and perfected workouts such a great deal. Here’s the part that’s going to have you grinning from ear to ear and reaching for your wallet…  

Order now and you get everything you see on this page for just $57.00… 

I know – the price is almost too good to be true. That’s why we can’t guarantee this special price is going to last long, so get in at this low price now while you still can! 

This is going to save you a lot time, it’s going to get your clients great results, and it’s going to grow your business with happy clients. So order now using the button below… 


Programming manual and bonus workout templates are delivered instantly as PDF documents, which is readable across devices. The bonus exercise spreadsheet is delivered as an Excel document. Order now and you’ll download this entire package in just minutes!

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Here’s to your success!  

We look forward to seeing you later today inside the private Facebook group…  

Sarah Rippel BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1 owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, and Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp 

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