Now you too can use the “Done for You” Build-N-Burn 16 Week Metabolic Group Training Program To Get Your Clients The Head-Turning Results They Want!

Dear Fitness Professional, 

Your group fitness clients are just looking for one thing… 


And if you can’t deliver those results, they’re going to find someone who can get them looking and feeling good. 

Sounds simple enough, right? But we all know it’s a lot easier said than done. 

Because here’s the hardest part… 

Trying to program a multi-week boot camp or other group-training class can be an absolute nightmare. Maybe you’ve got a mixed group. You’ve got males and females of different ages… different starting points… different abilities… different body types… 

…And it’s your job to help them burn the fat and build lean muscle -- AND you need to do it all in a fun, engaging way that keeps your group fired up and wanting more?!

Yikes! Talk about mission impossible! 

Because you know what? Even the best trainers in the world struggle with programming. You spend long days (and nights!) training clients, and when you finally get home you just want to relax. But you can’t, because you need to try to figure out what sort of program will get your clients the results they’re seeking. 

This is where a lot of trainers make a big mistake. Instead of creating a well-thought-out program, they just develop workouts on the fly. They figure if their clients are sweating, then they’re doing their job. 

Bzzzt, wrong. 

You can’t just come to every class and wing it. You need to come with a plan for delivering great results… 

And that’s exactly what you’re about to get your hands on right now. 

Introducing The Build N Burn Done-For-You 16 Week Metabolic Group Training Program…

This is group training made EASY!

You don’t need to spend a single second figuring out how to help your small-group clients achieve their goals, because you’re about to get your hands on a manual that gives you a complete 16 week “done for you” program that is designed to help your clients:

• Burn fat. 

• Build strength. 

• Improve mobility. 

In short – you’ll get GREAT results and create satisfied clients who’ll keep coming back again and again!

How can you be sure this program will deliver great results for your clients? 

Simple – because it’s a proven program that’s worked for our clients, and we know it will work for yours too. It’s based by science, and proven through experience with countless clients. 

So let me back up a second and introduce the powerhouse team behind this program… 

The program guide author, Sarah Rippel (BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1), has been a fitness professional working with clients since 1995. She is the owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, training facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

She works with people of all ages and abilities but has become known as an expert when it comes to small group training. 

She continues to evolve her approach in working with small groups as well as individuals, and this manual is her master trainer program based on her proprietary training system. 

The publisher of this book, Georgette Pann, is also well-known and well-accomplished in the fitness world. She has over 25 years of experience training clients, running boot camps, and teaching other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too. 

Together, this powerhouse team brings over 40 years of fitness training experience to the table – and now you too can take advantage of their programming expertise to start getting great results for YOUR clients! 

Here’s What You Get When You Order Now…

You get everything you need to train your groups, including…

The Main Manual: Build N Burn Done-For-You 16 Week Metabolic Group Training Program

This is a complete 16-week metabolic strength training program that utilizes circuits to build strength and promote fat loss while helping people improve how they move. 

You’ll get progressions and regressions for each exercise, with the ability to modify to suit any individual – and that means you can adapt these exercises to fit any client of any age or ability! 

Your clients will LOVE it – and so will you! 

Let’s take a closer look… 

Complete “Done For You” Programming

This manual provides sixteen weeks of small group programming. The workouts are suitable for outdoor training but can most definitely be performed indoors. There are four phases, with each phase lasting four weeks. Each phase consists of the following:

• Two strength-focused workouts (“Build Workouts”). 

• Two metabolic-focused workouts (“Burn Workouts”). 

Build Workouts

The Build Workouts consist of four circuits that include a core-focused circuit, two circuits that alternate between volume and intensity phases, and a finisher circuit. Here’s what the programming looks like for each week… 

• Week One: This is where the new workouts are introduced. Sub-maximal loads are used in Week One, and the emphasis is on proper technique. 

• Week Two: Here you’ll step things up, with increased poundage on half of the exercises done in Circuit II and Circuit III during the Build workouts. The goal is to get everyone working at the appropriate level, while coming within two reps of form quality breakdown for the circuit exercises in the Build workouts. 

• Week Three: Here you’ll continue to step things up, by increasing the resistance for the other half of the exercises done in Circuit II and Circuit III in the Build workouts. 

• Week Four: This week takes things to the max, where basically every set leaves nothing on the table, yet reps are done with quality form. 

Burn Workouts

The goal for the Burn Workouts is to stay within the desired work-rest intervals, which means there are no set rep schemes or format for these workouts. The prescribed intervals change from one phase to the next. You’ll get complete guidelines for overall interval length, as well as active and rest periods to use for each interval.

Here’s what the programming looks like for the Burn Workouts…

• Week 1: Low to moderate intensity/long-duration intervals. The emphasis is on fat burning, increasing work capacity, and muscular endurance. 

• Week 2: Moderate to high intensity/medium-duration intervals. The emphasis is on building lean muscle and strength, power and endurance. 

• Week 3: High intensity/medium-duration intervals. The emphasis is on building lean muscle and strength, power and endurance. 

• Week 4: Maximum intensity/short-duration intervals. The emphasis is on maximum strength, speed and power. 

You can run your small-group training as either a three or four day a week class, so there is plenty of flexibility within the program! 

Order now and you also get… 

An Extensive Exercise Library

Need a crash course or a refresher in how to perform the exercises outlined in this 16 week program? No problem! You’ll also get an extensive exercise library that includes descriptions and pictures for performing dozens of exercises from the manual! This is truly a no-guesses, done-for-you programming guide! 

And that’s not all… 

This spreadsheet is suitable for printing, so you can take it with you to all your classes, hang it up in your office, and always have the complete workouts and programming at your fingertips!

Plus.. ALL Workout Templates in PDF's 

We broke down each workout into separate templates for you to print and go! 

Each Phase of Entire Build N Burn Workout Program templates in a separate pdf's for You. 

At this point you know this is exactly what you need to save yourself a ton of time while delivering spectacular results for all your clients. So now you have just one question… 

How Much Is The Build-N-Burn Programming?

Imagine for a moment if you had to create this complete 16-week program yourself – how long would it take? 

It would take you at least three or four hours – and you wouldn’t even be certain that the program would deliver results. 

Now multiply the number of hours it would take you to create this program by your hourly rate. That’s how much it costs you to do it yourself. I’m betting you’re looking at somewhere around $100 or more – and that doesn’t include the hours you’d put into tweaking the program over time. 

Now here’s the part where I put a big smile on your face. If you order now, you can get this complete and proven done-for-you program for just a fraction of the price it would cost you to do it yourself… 

Order now and you get everything you see on this page for just $47…

This is going to save you a lot time, it’s going to get your clients great results, and it’s going to grow your business with happy clients. 

Simply put… 

You won’t find a better or more complete 16-week programming guide plus extensive exercise library to help your small group fitness clients achieve their fat-loss and strength-building goals, so order now using the buy button below… 

Programming manual and bonus workout templates are delivered instantly as PDF documents, which is readable across devices. The bonus exercise spreadsheet is delivered as an Excel document. Order now and you’ll download this entire package in just minutes!

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Here’s to your success! 

Sarah Rippel BS, CPT, FMS, Pn1 owner of the Rippel Effect Fitness, LLC, 


Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp

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