“Stop Playing Games With Your Fitness Clients… And Start Delivering GREAT Results To Them!”

Brand New Periodization Programming Will Rock Your Bootcamp Client’s Bodies – And Create Satisfied Clients Who’ll Keep Coming Back For More

Dear Fitness Pro, 

Heads up: Fitness clients all over the country are getting totally fed up… 

They’re tired of being run ragged without anything to show for it. 

They’re tired of playing senseless games in bootcamps. 

They’re tired of being tired after every bootcamp. 

Because you know what? A poorly run bootcamp isn’t “energizing” – it’s exhausting for your clients. And a waste of time and money if their bodies aren’t changing. 

Simply put…

Bootcamp clients everywhere are tired of getting crappy results!

Here’s the scary part… 

Some sneaky fitness pros are pulling the wool over their clients’ eyes. They’re telling their clients if they’re tired, then they had a good training session. They’re telling them pain equals gain. And they’re telling their clients if they’re not getting good results, then they’re just not trying hard enough. 


Because you know what? The buck stops with the fitness pro. That means you. 

YOU’RE the pro. YOU’RE the expert. So if your clients aren’t getting good results, then there is probably something wrong with your programming. 

I know that’s not a very popular thing to say, but it’s the truth. And it’s not your fault that so many so-called experts have been feeding you misinformation about running clients ragged. But it all ends right now. 

Because here’s the thing… 

Shoddy programming means shoddy results for your clients. And clients who don’t get good results aren’t going to remain your clients for very long. Next thing you know, you’re working long hours and late nights, but you’re not making as much money as you’d hoped to. 

Sound familiar? 

So let’s nix that right now. Let’s create a win-win situation where you generate a lot of revenue with a thriving bootcamp business, and your satisfied clients can’t say enough good things about you! 

That’s right… 

Now You Too Can Revolutionize Your Bootcamp Programming With Periodization Training!

You’ll Deliver REAL Results For Your Clients and Make More Money With Your Sold-Out Bootcamps!


By getting your hands on the NEW Bootcamp Periodization System, which gives you a FULL YEAR of done-for-you bootcamp programs! 

You’ll get four 12-week programs (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), with each season focusing on a different goal. 

Now this isn’t that junk programming that tells you to just run your clients ragged and have them play games all the time. These aren’t a bunch of workouts or games randomly slapped together. 

Instead, these are carefully planned, scientifically backed periodization programs that are designed to create awesome results!

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why You’ll Love the Bootcamp Periodization System…

1. It’s created by experts for fitness pros just like you.

The author is Rafael Moret, who is the owner of the South Florida Fitness Bootcamp. He’s been training and coaching a wide variety of people – from moms to athletes to fitness models -- since 1995. Today he’s sharing his expertise in creating shorter workouts that produce great results in strength, power, muscular development and maximum fat loss. 

This book is backed by publisher Georgette Pann, who is a world-renowned bootcamp expert. She has over two decades of experience helping clients get great results, as well as helping fitness pros just like you grow thriving, profitable bootcamp businesses. 

Together, Rafael and Georgette bring a combined 40+ years of expertise into one package. If you’re looking for one programming package to buy this year, this group of four periodization program manuals is just what you need! 

2. You get a full year of done-for-you periodization programs.

Ever notice that your clients have specific needs that change with the seasons? This package includes four twelve-week periodization programs for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. With each season change you can change up your programming to meet your clients’ needs. They’re gonna love their results! You’re going to love their repeat business!

3. These are scientifically based programs.

Your goal isn’t to wear your clients out. Your goal is to get them really good results. And these four carefully planned periodization programs are proven to help your clients get lean, get strong, and build endurance. 

It’s pretty exciting, right? So let me give you a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside these programming manuals and bonus guides! Take a look… 

You Get Four Twelve-Week Programming Guides – A FULL YEAR Of Done For You Periodization Programs!

Each manual includes a 12-week periodization system. Programs are designed for three hard,30 min workouts per week. Each workout includes:

  • A set of warm-up exercises that are designed specifically for each workout. This reduces injury and gets your campers pumped about the workout! 
  • The main workout, which includes a variety of bodyweight exercises, endurance exercises, bodyweight exercises, and exercises using dumbbells, bands and kettlebells. Each workout is designed around a specific goal, such as building endurance, leaning out, getting strong, etc. 
  • A closer/finisher. Depending on the workout goals, these closers may give your campers a metabolic boost and help them cool down. 

You’ll need basic equipment such as dumbbells, bands, and kettlebells to perform these exercises. Here’s what you get when you order now… 

Manual #1: Winter Bootcamp Program—Done For You 12 Week Periodization Program

Use the Winter Program to build strong bodies. Workouts focus on exercises such as bodyweight exercises, compound lifts, and targeted lifts to build muscle and strength. 

This periodization program includes: 

  • Chapter 1: Basic Build (Weeks 1-3) 
  • Chapter 2: Get Strong (Weeks 4-6) 
  • Chapter 3: Get Stronger (Weeks 7-9) 
  • Chapter 4: Super Sets (Weeks 10-12) 

Manual #2: Spring Bootcamp Program—Done For You 12 Week Periodization Program

This program starts by building muscle and strength, and then it turns to leaning your clients out and sending their metabolism into overdrive. Right in time for beach season! This periodization program includes: 

This periodization program includes: 

  • Chapter 1: Basic Build (Weeks 1-3)
  • Chapter 2: Get Strong (Weeks 4-6)
  • Chapter 3: Lean Out (Weeks 7-9)
  • Chapter 4: Metabolic Drive (Weeks 10-12) 

Manual #3: Summer Bootcamp Program—Done For You 12 Week Periodization Program

It’s summer, and your bootcampers are thinking about baring themselves on the beach. Use this 12 week periodization program to get them lean, get them sexy and build their confidence! Your clients will look good and feel great! 

This periodization program includes:

  • Chapter 1: Sexy Build (Weeks 1-3) 
  • Chapter 2: Get Tight (Weeks 4-6) 
  • Chapter 3: HIIT Weeks (Weeks 7-9) 
  • Chapter 4: Beach Ready (Weeks 10-12) 

Manual #4: Fall Bootcamp Program—Done For You 12 Week Periodization Program

You’ve been pushing your campers hard all year to build their strength and lean them out. The Fall program starts with a short recovery period of lighter work, followed by building strength, mobility and endurance. 

This periodization program includes: 

  • Chapter 1: Recover (Weeks 1-3) 
  • Chapter 2: Get Strong (Weeks 4-6) 
  • Chapter 3: Mobility (Weeks 7-9) 
  • Chapter 4: Endurance (Weeks 10-12) 

Bottom line: you get a full year of carefully planned periodization programming across four manuals. These programs and workouts are designed to grow strength, endurance, and mobility, plus get your clients lean and beach-body ready in time for summer! 

And that’s not all…

Plus Order Now And You’ll Get These Two Bonus Guides for FREE!

Bonus #1: The Beach Bootcamp Workout Program

Bonus #2: Krazy Klosers: 52 Krazy Finishers, A New One For Every Week Of The Year!

Are your clients tired of working out indoors? Then take your workout to the beach – or anywhere else outside! 

The good news is that you don’t need any equipment to create a great workout for your clients. There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to bodyweight moves, and this manual shows you how to incorporate these exercises into 12 different workouts that your clients are sure to love! 

So take these 12 workouts to the sand or anywhere outdoors -- you’ve got three workouts per week for four weeks. Simply shuffle the workouts and do it again next month! 

Want to give your clients a HUGE metabolic boost and great results? Then finish your workouts with one of these 52 closers/finishers! 

A metabolic finisher or closer is a combination of exercises put together at the end of the workout in an interval training or metabolic resistance training style. Workout finishers or closers are designed to complement and enhance your main strength training program. 

Finishers typically last anywhere between one minute and ten minutes, depending on exercises, reps, sets and the setup. You will be able to use any one of these 52 finishers or closers to any workout, any day or any time. Or throw in one new closer per week for a full year! 

Now at this point you’re seeing this is exactly what you need in your bootcamp business to save yourself a ton of time while getting great results for your clients. So you have one question… 

How Much Is It?

Answer: Just $19.25 for each of these four periodization programming manuals (That’s $77 for EVERYTHING you see on this page!) 

This is an incredible price for an incredible package. You can look high and low, but you won’t find a more comprehensive set of four 12-week periodization programming manuals, one each for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. 

And when you act now, you get the complete set for $77 –

Ask yourself this: how long would it take you to come up with a year’s worth of programming for your bootcamp? Four hours… five hours… more? 

And what is your time worth to you? 

Do the math, and you’ll quickly realize this package is worth at least $100 to you. And since it’s backed by an author and publisher with a combined 40+ years of fitness and bootcamp experience, you know you’re getting rock-solid programs that you and your clients will love. 

This takes all the guesswork out of programming and lets you focus on what you do best: training and motivating your clients. 

Are you ready to save time and deliver great results? Then take out your credit card right now and click the button below to get started.
And do it now, because I can’t guarantee that this low $77 price will last forever! 

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Here’s to your success!

Rafael Moret Bootcamp Instructor,Fit Ranx instructor and Owner South Florida Fitness Bootcamp


Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp 

P.S. Your bootcampers deserve to get great results! Use these periodization programs to create lean, strong campers who’ll eagerly tell their friends about your amazing bootcamp!

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