“Do You Want Your Clients Crawling Out of The Gym – Or Do You Want To Give Them Mind-Blowing Results That Keep Them Coming Back To You Again and Again?”

The choice is clear – and that’s why you’re going to LOVE this package of 101 done-for-you conditioning circuits that are guaranteed to save you tons of time AND deliver great results for your clients! Check it out…

Dear Fitness Trainer, 

Wow. Just wow… 

Have you noticed the trends in the fitness industry lately? Seems like more and more pros are training with one goal: to get their clients crawling out of the gym. To make them feel beaten up. To get them so sore the next morning they don’t want to get out of bed. 

It’s like trainers are all about quantity over quality when it comes to workouts. They figure if their clients are sore, then the clients will feel like they got their money’s worth. It’s the whole “no pain, no gain” myth. 

But you’re smart. You know better. You know that you don’t have to sadistically run your clients down in order to get them into great shape. 

Because you know what?

Going a few rounds with Mike Tyson will make your clients feel beaten up and sore, but it does diddly squat to meet their fitness goals. 

And likewise, creating workouts with the goal of making your clients feel beaten up and sore may not be in their best interest. Trainers who focus on getting their clients crawling out of the gym are doing those clients a HUGE disservice. 

Because here’s the thing… 

It’s all about the QUALITY of the workout, not the sheer “push you until you’re ready to drop” quantity. 


When you know the secrets of delivering top-quality workouts that get really fantastic results, your boot camps and personal training sessions will be sold out!

Bet that got your attention, didn’t it? 

Because think about that for a moment… 

When you create great results for your clients, they remain clients. They tell their friends. You get a good rep in town. And next thing you know, you’re the most in-demand trainer around. You might even have to start turning people away! 

But the key to all of this is that you absolutely need to be able to give your clients something they’re not getting anywhere else: AWESOME RESULTS. 

Now let’s be honest here… 

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to design a truly effective workout. And one key to creating great results for your clients is that you need to offer variety – not only within the workout itself, but across sessions. 


That’s enough to make any trainer want to quit their job and apply to be a Walmart greeter instead. 

Until now… 

Because you’re about to get your hands on 101 conditioning circuits that are sure to provide the quality and variety that creates FANTASTIC results for your clients!

Introducing a brand new guide that’s sure to become your go-to reference from here on out: “101 Conditioning Circuits: 30 Minute Done-For-You Conditioning Circuits For Fitness Pros!” 

Now before I tell you what all is in this guide, let me take a moment to introduce the powerhouses behind this fantastic reference. 

The book is authored by fitness expert Dave Randolph, and published by well-known boot camp and fitness expert Georgette Pann. 

Dave has been involved in martial arts and fitness since 1989. Between 2002 and today he’s been certified and recertified across a variety of skills, including: 

Multiple kettlebell training certifications, including a certification as a kettlebell sport coach. 

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Level 1. 

Smart Group Trainer. 

Circular Strength Trainer.

Currently Dave does kettlebell-centric workouts at his gym, IronBody Fitness, with female clients ranging from teenagers to 81 years old. Most of his clients range from 30 to 50 years old, so he knows how to provide great results for any age or experience level – and the 101 conditioning circuits book will teach you how to do the same thing. 

The publisher of this book, Georgette Pann, is also well-known and well-accomplished in the fitness world. She has over 20 years of experience training clients, running boot camps, and teaching other fitness professionals how to get great results for their clients too. 

Point is, you’ve got a mountain of fitness experience backing this book. And all you have to do to get great results for your clients is choose from among the 101 conditioning circuits that are a good fit for your clients!

It’s super easy! No more trial and error. No more scrambling right before a session trying to figure out what to do. No more getting bogged down in the planning. We’ve done it all for you!

Here’s What You Get Inside This 101 Conditioning Circuits Package (Plus Bonus Exercise Video Library!)…

You’ll get 77 done-for-you 30-minute conditioning circuits in the main manual, plus 24 bonus conditioning circuits in the included bonus guide. Plus you’ll even get exact instructions for completing each specific exercise. 

Here’s exactly what you get when you order now… 

35 Proven Bodyweight Workouts

You don’t need equipment to deliver great results for your clients! That’s why this package includes an amazing 35 bodyweight workouts that can be performed anywhere, from an outdoors boot camp to an in-gym personal training session.

22 Effective Bodyweight And Dumbbell Workouts

Next you’ll get 22 workouts that combine powerful and effective bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. These are great for any setting, and they can be scaled up or down to match your client’s fitness level and goals!

12 Results-Driven, Dumbbell-Only Workouts

Almost every fitness professional has access to dumbbells, which is one reason you’ll love these 12 workouts. Your clients will love them too, especially after they start seeing great results!

5 Powerhouse Bodyweight and Band Workouts

Band workouts are not only fantastically effective, they’re also really easy for you to set up. You don’t need to lug a lot of heavy equipment around. Just throw a stack of bands in your trunk and you’ll be ready to train clients anywhere, anytime with these five powerhouse bodyweight and band workouts!

5 Top-Quality Hybrid Workouts

These hybrid workouts are not only effective, they also provide the variety that your clients will really appreciate. These workouts incorporate bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and sliders. 

Note: You don’t even need to get fancy here – we’ve used common furniture sliders, socks, and even paper plates! 

And that’s not all! Order now and you also get…

24 Kettlebell / Bodyweight Conditioning Circuits & A Bonus Video Library With Over 200 Exercises

Need a quick refresher on how to do these exercises? You can use the included bonus videos to learn more about proper form and technique on 200 different exercises. You can even bring these exercises into the gym with you on your tablet, laptop or phone to show your clients!

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why So Many Other Fitness Pros Love This Package (And Why You Will Too)..

1. You get flexible workouts that you can modify for any client base!

101 Conditioning Circuits was designed for trainers to use in either one-on-one training or in groups. The workouts can be scaled up or down based on your equipment and number of clients. Any of the workouts can be done as station-based circuits, or you can have everyone doing the same exercise at the same time. 

Bottom line: this collection will work for you no matter how your business and training sessions are set up!

2. It’s all done for you!

You get: 

 • 101 30-minute conditioning circuits that produce fantastic results! 

Detailed step-by-step instructions for over 200 proven exercises that you’ll be using in these programmed workouts, plus the bonus video library! 

Progressions and regressions on many of these workouts so that you don’t need to figure them out yourself! 

3. Tips and advice for creating a great program!

Listen, when you deliver great results for your clients, you’ll see your retention rates and referrals shoot upwards. That’s why you’ll also get plenty of other tips and advice on issues such as: 

Basic workout design, so you can tweak these workouts and create your own variations to match your client’s needs! 

Tri-sets, super sets and circuits that create great results! 

Client monitoring and recovery tips to keep your clients in top form! 

Workout volume and intensity that matches your client’s needs and delivers great results! 

Now at this point I’m betting you’re liking what you’re seeing with this comprehensive done for you package of 101 conditioning circuits plus the bonus video library that showcases 200 different exercises. 

So maybe you have just one question…

How Much Is This Amazing Package?

Let me ask you – what’s it worth to you to not spend a single minute planning your next training session or boot camp class? 

And what’s it worth to you to have satisfied clients who become loyal, long-term clients who refer their friends? 

Tell you what, it’s priceless. Just one good referral or one good customer can easily slip many hundreds of dollars into your bank account this year. And if you don’t have to plan your workouts, then you’ll save dozens of hours every month. 

Point is, this package is worth a lot of money and time to you. We could easily charge $100 for this package – that would be less than $1 per-conditioning circuit, which would make this package an absolute steal! 

But we’re not going to do that… 

Because if you act now, you can get this entire package of 101 conditioning circuits, step-by-step instructions for completing over 200 different exercises, AND the bonus video library featuring over 200 exercises for just $49! That’s less than 49 cents for each of these well-planned, 30-minute conditioning circuits! 

Talk about an absolute steal! You know and I know this is a GREAT deal, so order now by clicking the payment button below!

This entire package includes downloadable .pdf files and videos, so you can start using the materials in just two minutes from now!

Here’s to your thriving fitness business! 

Dave Randolph Master Instructor,Author and Owner Iron Body Fitness, LLC 


Georgette Pann,Fitness Bootcamp Expert,CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp 

P.S. Set yourself apart from the competition. Get more clients. Deliver great results. Save time. This comprehensive package of done-for-your circuits and exercise videos can do all of this and more for you, so order now! 

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