Now you too can use these finishers to blast away your clients’ fat and get them into the best shape of their lives! Read on for the exciting details…

Dear Fitness Professional, 

Do you ever need a little extra something to give your clients the results they so desperately want? 

You know what I’m talking about… 

You’ve got those clients who’ve already dialed in their nutrition, but they still need something else to shake up their workouts, burn the fat, and lean them out. 

Or maybe you have clients who are hitting middle age. Their metabolisms are making it harder for them to lean out. And yet they’re telling you they want to get in the best shape of their lives.

Or maybe you even have some athletes who need to step up their game and strip the fat fast before their season starts. 

Tell you what… you gotta deliver. If you want a full personal training calendar and boot camps that are overflowing with happy clients, then you need to deliver GREAT results. 

But listen… 

Running clients around like crazy in your boot camps or personal training session is not the answer. Getting them crawling out of the gym is no guarantee that they’re going to burn fat efficiently. Wearing them out without rhyme or reason doesn’t translate to fat loss!

So what’s the solution to getting jaw-dropping results for your clients?

You need to end your clients’ workouts with these 89 carefully planned, scientifically backed, “done for you” fat-busting finishers!

Introducing Metabolic Sizzlers: 89 Unique Done For You Finishers for Fitness Pros! 

Now heads up… 

These finishers are intense. Your clients are going to be gasping and shooting you dirty looks some days… until they see their results. Then they’re going to be loving you to the moon and back. They’re going to be telling their friends about you. And they’re going to be pushing more money in your hand and signing up for more classes! 

How do I know all this? 

Because I developed these finishers with the help of several other fitness pros, and I know they really work. I used them myself to get into the best shape of my life at 40 years old. I’ve shared these finishers with countless others to get them into amazing shape too…

And Now You Too Can Use These 89 Intense Metabolic Sizzlers To Finish Your Clients’ Workouts and Produce AMAZING Fat-Burning Results For Them!

I’ve partnered with Holly Rigsby, the creator of the Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System to bring you 89 Metabolic Sizzlers that will supercharge your workouts. 

She’s coached over 27,000 moms through her products and coaching programs to help them get into the best shape of their lives. She’s also contributed to Women’s Health and Shape magazine, co-authored two bestselling fitness books, and have been recognized in USA Today, on CBS and on NBC for her fitness expertise. 

Thousands of people in both home workout programs and in gym-based programs taught by certified Fit Yummy Mummy Coaches around the globe use her fast, simple and effective fitness programs to blast away the fat and get into terrific shape. And now you too can use these amazing finishers to get your clients into the best shape of their lives! 

Are you ready to see how these done-for-you finishers can save you time and deliver great results for your clients? 

Then check out this package of eleven downloadable videos and a guide book that are sure to rock your clients’ world!

Here’s What All Is Included In This Proven, Done-For-You Package Of 89 Fat-Burning Finishers…

We have created an extensive Video Library of my favorite Metabolic Sizzlers. All you have to do is choose your format, watch the quick Learn It Video, and then decide which workouts you will add them to for maximum fat-incinerating results for your clients! 

Equipment needed ranges from using just your own body weight (36 workouts) to dumbbells (11 workouts), kettlebells (19 workouts), bands (15 workouts) , medicine ball (3 workouts), stability ball (4 workouts), low aerobic step (3 workouts), bench/step, suspension trainer like the TRX (5 workouts) and a mat. 

Whether you’re training clients one-on-one or running overflowing boot camps, these intense metabolic-boosting finishers will be a great addition to your existing workouts! 

Here’s what you get when you order now…

Metabolic Sizzler Format #1: One & Done (4 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #2: Carry Me Home (6 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #3: Down & Back (6 workouts included)

One movement. Just set the timer, and go! These are great ways to focus on specific energy pathways (alactic, lactic, or aerobic) and overall conditioning!

Carrying combos are some of the best ways to finish a workout, period. They force your clients to engage their core, stabilize their shoulders, and really work the afterburners. Your clients will likely get a good mental sweat too (i.e. I don’t think I can hold this any longer)!

Don’t have a watch? No problem. These finishers are distance based, and provide a nice mix-up to mainly time-based finishers. You can literally “see” your clients progress as they move through the workout. Adding any combination of locomotive movements (walking, running, crawling, jumping, etc.) is a great place to start.

Metabolic Sizzler Format #4: No Space, No Equipment…No Problem (11 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #5: The 5×5 Formula (5 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #6: Ladders, Countdowns, and Count-ups (6 workouts included)

All you need is the space of small closet, and you can get these ones done in a hurry. No equipment necessary. These are great for clients who’ve already lifted heavy that day.

This is a great way to build volume at the end of a workout with some movement that still demand technical proficiency. If your clients are already smoked, you may want to hold off on these.

Another fun way to build volume at the end of a workout. Your clients will love them! These work great for bodyweight exercises as well.

Metabolic Sizzler Format #7: Complexes and Combos (5 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #8: Density Sets (11 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #9: Timed Intervals (25 workouts included)

These are perhaps the most metabolically demanding and draining of all the finishers listed. Complexes: Do the prescribed number of reps before moving on to the next motion. Combos: Do one rep of each movement in combination, before returning to the start position and repeating for the desired number of cycles.

Don’t have a lot of time? Density sets are a great way to get a lot of work in fast. You can track progress over time by tracking how many rounds your clients are able to complete in the given time period. I like to keep density sets brief (5-8 minutes) at the end of a workout, but if you bump any of these up to 8-20 minutes, they could easily stand on their own.

Timed intervals are the most flexible sizzler available! These high-intensity timed interval workouts are 15x more effective than an hour of moderate cardio. Whether you’re short on time and need to give your clients a quick workout, or just want to add some extra intensity to the end of a strength-training session, one of these mad minute sizzler routines will do the trick and then some! 

Metabolic Sizzler Format #10: Wheel & Spokes (5 workouts included)

Metabolic Sizzler Format #11: Recovery Finishers (5 workouts included)

Plus The Metabolic Sizzler Success Guide

Perhaps one of the most fun and most effective for tightening up a trouble spot while simultaneously ramping up fat-burning metabolism, the wheel & spoke format will certainly become one of your clients’ favorites!

Sometimes after a workout, your clients just spent. These finishers, while still challenging, will help clients open up their hips and shoulders and speed up recovery to get ready for tomorrow.

In this downloadable handbook you not only get access to the outline of all 89 workouts, you will also receive tips on how to best use your Metabolic Sizzlers, how to fit them into your training to help your clients maximize their fat burning results.

That’s 89 total finishers!

You can literally go 3 – 6 months without ever repeating a workout! 

Your clients’ bodies will have no choice but to improve faster than ever before! 

Get Started Using These Metabolic Sizzlers TODAY for ONLY $27! 

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I’m so sure that you and your clients are going to love these finishers that I’m willing to back your purchase with my iron-clad 30 day money-back guarantee. Download Metabolic Sizzlers today, watch all the videos, and put these finishers to work in your boot camp and personal training sessions. If you’re unsatisfied with these finishers for any reason, just contact me within 30 days for a full and prompt refund – no questions asked! 

There is absolutely no risk to you when you purchase Metabolic Sizzlers, so order now!

Here’s to your thriving fitness business! 

Holly Rigsby CPT and Author of Metabolic Sizzlers 


Georgette Pann, Publisher, Fitness Bootcamp Expert, CPT and Owner Sure Victory Bootcamp

P.S. Metabolic Sizzlers are the perfect solution for getting your clients in the best shape of their lives! They’ll love the workouts. You’ll love the repeat business! So click the order button above to get your hands on these amazing finishers today!

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